My WWDC feedback

Suggestions on how to make WWDC better:

  • Wait until after the Keynote to provide the pocket programme guides so there aren’t huge ‘To be announced’ sections that make the programme guides useless.
  • Hot food was ok, but need better food in the cold lunchboxes.
  • Get the Company Store to run a booth at WWDC rather than trying to get everyone through the store during the Campus Bash.
  • Need more concrete info on what will be in the next OS release, developer seed needs to be closer to the release GM. Developers don’t want to develop for immature technologies that may change or get axed before final release.
  • Have a wind-down event on the last day.
  • Management of Apple staff and speakers was annoying to them and other attendees, ie having to enter venues last, having to get their food separately etc.
  • Management of venue seating and queuing was a bit over the top and could have been toned down.
  • What exactly is the point of the NDA? Is Apple worried about someone stealing its ideas? Surely if you wanted to steal Apple’s ideas you could just pay to attend WWDC yourself. It’s not like the Microsoft development team aren’t there.