Steve Jobs’ Liver 2.0

The Wall Street Journal has what passes for an article (despite not indicating any sources) that indicates that Steve Jobs had a liver transplant in Tennessee two months ago. Tennessee has the shortest waiting list for donor organs and no residency requirement (Sometimes that private jet does come in handy). The Wall Street Journal has previously pressured Apple to (illegally in California at least) reveal confidential medical information about its employees (namely, Steve Jobs). CNBC claims it was confirmed by two sources (but doesn’t say who they are). CNN’s blogs have a picture of the mansion where he may be recovering. And a list of questions about the coverage (Nobody in Tennessee is covering it!). There are also rumours of the iPhone release being moved up to happen before information about the transplant being released.

If he did have the transplant, then we wish Steve all the best for a speedy recovery and hope he won’t meet up with Elvis. If not, well then I’ll be cancelling the WSJ subscription.

via MDJ via Daring Fireball (with much rumination)