Retrospect 8.0 released

EMC have after three years finally released another version of Retrospect, Retrospect 8.0 for the Mac (well, Intel ones at least, PowerPC support is still forthcoming). Changes from version 6.1 are documented here, and here is a list for upgrade pricing
Notable changes include

  • Support for up to 8 simultaneous tasks
  • Wake on LAN support
  • Delayed verification
  • Reporting(!)
  • No FTP backups, yet
  • AES-128 and AES-256 encryption support
  • Staged backup “Disk to Disk to Tape”
  • Fast catalog set rebuild (usually requiring only the last tape of the set)
  • [Edit] No support for accessing archives created with Retrospect 6.1 or earlier (yet)

EMC Ensignia reports on what’s happening with Retrospect

According to an EMC spokesperson the new beta version of Retrospect due later this year will feature

  • a totally new codebase (with new bugs no doubt!),
  • Universal Binary
  • New OS X interface (iTunes like, no doubt 🙂
  • Multiple backups running at the same time
  • New disk backup sets
  • Disk grooming (previously only available in the Windows version)
  • Fast Catalog rebuild
  • New Calendar interface for scheduling backups
  • New E-mail Notification system
  • New Reporting system
  • Widget to view backup progress
  • Remote management console for multiple servers
  • Support for Windows backups of applications like Exchange and SQL
  • New Universal Client
  • Much better performance and memory management
  • Supports old backup set formats
  • AES Encryption

And more!