MacWorld Best of Show 2008

If you’re interested in some cool Apps, check out the MacWorld Best of Show 2008 list, including

  • MacBook Air
  • Eye-Fi wireless MMC memory card
  • MultiSync LCD3090WQXi


  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
  • Guitar Hero III
  • BusySync
  • Flow
  • Dictate
  • Parallels Server
  • Vector Designer
  • OmniFocus

Apple Announces new iPhone, iPod Touch Applications

For the iPhone a free upgrade gives:

  • Maps with location (based on nearby WiFi base stations)
  • Webclips (Up to 9 web bookmarks on your phone’s home screen)
  • Customised home screens
  • SMS multiple people
  • Chapter and language options in iPod mode, plus Lyrics

For the iPod Touch, a $20 upgrade gives: Mail, Stocks, Notes, Weather and Maps