MacWorld Best of Show 2008

If you’re interested in some cool Apps, check out the MacWorld Best of Show 2008 list, including

  • MacBook Air
  • Eye-Fi wireless MMC memory card
  • MultiSync LCD3090WQXi


  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
  • Guitar Hero III
  • BusySync
  • Flow
  • Dictate
  • Parallels Server
  • Vector Designer
  • OmniFocus

EMC Ensignia reports on what’s happening with Retrospect

According to an EMC spokesperson the new beta version of Retrospect due later this year will feature

  • a totally new codebase (with new bugs no doubt!),
  • Universal Binary
  • New OS X interface (iTunes like, no doubt 🙂
  • Multiple backups running at the same time
  • New disk backup sets
  • Disk grooming (previously only available in the Windows version)
  • Fast Catalog rebuild
  • New Calendar interface for scheduling backups
  • New E-mail Notification system
  • New Reporting system
  • Widget to view backup progress
  • Remote management console for multiple servers
  • Support for Windows backups of applications like Exchange and SQL
  • New Universal Client
  • Much better performance and memory management
  • Supports old backup set formats
  • AES Encryption

And more! 

EMC Ensignia dares to show its face at MacWorld

EMC Insignia announced their return to MacWorld:

EMC will highlight and demonstrate the latest version of its backup and recovery software – EMC® Retrospect® for Macintosh, version 6.1 – for consumers and small and medium businesses. In addition, EMC continues to demonstrate its commitment in enhancing Mac data protection as it will announce a call for betas for the next version of EMC Retrospect for Macintosh at Macworld.

For more information about EMC Retrospect 6.1 for Macintosh, please visit 

After EMC bought Dantz and management put Retrospect for the Mac into what essentially amounted to maintenance mode since before 2004 it had better have done a good job with adding features to the next version. It’s only because the old version is so good and the competition so complex or unreliable that Retrospect still survives.

Mac Microsoft Office 2008 released

Microsoft have annouced that Mac Office 2008 will be available on shelves as of 15th January (ie after the MacWorld keynote). Ships on a DVD, includes universal binaries, requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and a recommended 500MHZ machine minimum.

List price is US$399, ff course, there’s always the free NeoOffice as an alternative.