FileMaker Developers’ Conference (DevCon) 2009

If you’ve got a spare US$1495 you might be interested in registering to attend the FileMaker Developers’ Conference 2009 on Thursday, August 13 – Sunday, August 16, 2009 at the San Francisco Hilton. Registration includes a free copy of FileMaker 10 Advanced, valued at US$499.

Mac server hosting are offering dedicated Xserve server solutions for US$250 (presumably per month, plus US$400 setup). For that you get “MacOSX Server featuring Xserve – 1.33Ghz PowerPC G4, 60gig storage, 512MB ram, WebObjects 5”. Although the RAM (and storage) seems a bit small. There are other options available which include WebStar V, FileMaker Unlimited (version 5?), and Lasso Pro 6 (not 8!). They do offer “flat-rate pricing with no traffic surcharges”.

digital.forest offers an Enhanced plan for US$30 setup and US$19/month (+US$10/month for MySQL) with perl, PHP5, Python, Mac OS X and more, 100MB of storage, and 3Gb of data transfer. Not sure what their colocating price is like though as you need to contact a salesdroid. Digital.forest have been around since 1994 and have a long time association with Mac newsletter TidBITs.

It’s all in the Numbers

I’ve been reading some of the ongoing discussion about iWork ’08’s Numbers spreadsheet on Macintouch, and really, if you’re someone who works with 65,535+ rows in your spreadsheet on a regular basis (and you’re complaining that Numbers can’t hack it), then you’re probably using the wrong tool (ie, Excel). I’m still quite happy with Appleworks for most everything I do (I throw MySQL, Python and PHP at harder/bigger problems), but AppleWorks is not intel native and I’m trying to transition to NeoOffice, as AppleWorks’ only other transition strategy is probably to iWork’s Pages/Numbers/Keynote, which still leaves your AppleWorks databases unaccounted for, unless you throw a copy of FileMaker into the mix.