Apple Java job

From Apple’s java mailing list: 


We are looking for a talented, passionate and motivated engineer to join the Java team.  Java expertise, of course, is important, but C and Objective-C (Cocoa) are also essential since you will be working on the frameworks underneath AWT and Swing.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please do apply.  This is an opportunity to have a serious impact on the Mac OS X Java implementation, and start a career at Apple.You can find out more by clicking this link, or by searching for Requisition ID 3489430. 


MacJobs with Sling Media

Via the MacDevJobs mailing list and the Sling Media job page

Sling Media, the makers of the Slingbox–a popular device that lets

you watch your TV remotely over the Internet–is seeking three more

experienced Mac developers to join our software team here at our

headquarters in Foster City, California, located between San Francisco

and the Silicon Valley.


[1] Req #176: Senior Engineer, MacOS X Client Application UI Developer


We’re looking for an experienced Mac OS X developer, someone who can

create a truly exceptional Cocoa UI for the Mac SlingPlayer.  We want

to enhance the user experience by including an integrated program

guide and the ability to record and upload video clips to share with

others, as well as other sharp ideas, including yours.


[2] Req #165: Senior Engineer, Web Services Client Integration


We want to extend the Mac SlingPlayer application to include all kinds

of web services, but keep the “out-of-browser” experience that native

applications do best.  That means WebKit.  And Javascript.  And the

Cocoa-Javascript bridge.  And SOAP.  And…well, join us and show how

an experienced web services client developer brings this all together.


[3] Req #139: Senior Engineer/Staff Engineer, MacOS X & Cross-Platform


The Mac and Windows versions of the SlingPlayer share a lot of key

technology, but need to share the code base more.  Join us in the

design of cross-platform interfaces to audio and video streaming,

Slingbox setup and configuration, and much more, and then use your

solid knowledge of MacOS X multimedia, networking, and related

frameworks to implement them.


We offer these positions with preference to candidates seeking

full-time or contract-to-hire on-site employment in Foster City, CA.