iTablet iPhone iThingy roundup

Aside from the usual random speculation about Steve Jobs worldchanging release in a few hours time, there have been a few interesting articles recently, namely

I also wonder what the cool feature will be… Mesh networking? Biofeedback? Merging with other nearby devices to form a larger device? Inbuilt projector?
It will also be interesting to see if Apple launches any updates to their 17 inch MacBook Pro as they would probably always have done if they were attending MacWorld this year. Also, I predict an iPhone software update, an iTunes update and a Mac OS X update.
Now, lets sit back and see how wrong we all are…

Cocoa Developer Job at Skype

Looking for an experienced Cocoa developer to join our Mac and iPhone
development team. You will be working on the Mac and/or iPhone
versions of Skype. Ideal candidate should be very familiar with
application design, user interface implementation and have a strong
understanding of Objective-C and Cocoa. Candidate should have
demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities. Must be
self-motivated and able to work well in a team environment.

Pre-requisite Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

* 5 years of professional software development experience.
* Proven track record of delivering complex application software.
* World-class skills in Objective-C and Cocoa.
* Should have a strong knowledge of multithreaded programming,
asynchronous and event driven application design.
* Should be well disciplined in the application development processes
of requirements analysis, functional spec development, prototyping,
implementation, testing, documentation and maintenance.


* Goal-oriented.
* Fast and effective.
* Respectful and honest.
* Early adopter of new technologies.
* Positive attitude toward working in an environment of frequently
changing requirements.

Location: Tallinn (Estonia), Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK), so this
position is based in Europe.

If you’re interested or know someone that might be, email
jobs at (Ref: COCOA-DEV-EE) or contact me via Skype, username

Best regards,
Janno Teelem

XMeeting for Mac video conferencing

The open source XMeeting seems to do a pretty reasonable job for those requiring videoconferencing. Doesn’t seem to support Polycom’s data streams for screen sharing though (and I can’t seem to convince Polycom’s free Windows client to recognise the iSight from within Parallels). XMeeting supports H.323 and SIP, along with some display modes similar to iChat with the images reflecting off the virtual ‘table’ surface, if you’ve got grunty enough graphics hardware.