IceTV wins

In good news for Australian EyeTV and Topfield users and others who use IceTV’s Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), the Australian high court has ruled that it is legal for IceTV to publish its version of Channel 9’s TV schedule. Legal info on the IceTV v Channel 9 ruling at Austlii. The case had been running since 2006.

aTV Flash AppleTV hack to add EyeTV tuner support

aTV Flash from Fire Core is a US$49.95 piece of software which when loaded onto a (compatible) USB flash drive key adds lots of features to your AppleTV such as

  • More video formats (including DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, RMVB, DVD and some MKV)
  • Enables internet apps like Safari, FTP, SFTP, SSH, SMB and streaming from NAS devices
  • Enables external USB hard drives
  • Enables USB keyboard support
  • Allows installation of other Mac OS X applications (like EyeTV for example)

Apple delays Apple TV movie rental software update

Apple has announced that the free Apple TV software update to enable movie rentals has been delayed:

Apple also announced that the free Apple TV software update enabling movie rentals is not quite finished and will now be available in another week or two.


I’d be guessing the Apple TV developers must be very under the pump at the moment.

Apple TV software update, price drop to US$229

Apple have announced a free Apple TV software update available in 2 weeks time (why the wait, is it not finished yet?) that allows you to rent movies from your TV screen without a computer required. It has DVD quality, HD and Dolby 5.1, video and audio Podcasts, along with Photos from flickr and .Mac. It also synchs with iTunes. HD rentals are US$4.99 with 100 titles available today. Movies (including Star Trek 🙂 can be previewed and also can display what ‘other renters also rented’.
Screensaver photos can also be automatically downloaded from .Mac galleries, and songs purchased from the iTunes Store onscreen.The Apple TV price has been lowered to US$229 

iTunes 7.1 ready for TV shows in Australia?

Ars Technica’s Infinite Loop notes that the latest iTunes 7.1 update includes parental controls based on Australian ratings, possibly indicating the imminent availability of Australian TV content on the iTunes Store. This would obviously be useful for all those people purchasing an AppleTV in Australia (or also the now included Canada, New Zealand, Ireland or the UK 🙂