WordPress 2.5 incompatible with WPG2 Gallery2 3.02 plugin

Having upgraded one of my blogs to WordPress 2.5, I’ve discovered that if you’re relying on the WPG2 Gallery2 plugin you’ll probably want to wait until it’s updated, because the plugin is incompatible with WordPress 2.5. I’ve also had to disable the Advanced Admin Menus plugin as it seemed to hide all the menus.

Prepare to pounce on Leopard

Well, really in a fight between a leopard and a tiger I’d be betting on the tiger πŸ™‚

So, how am I preparing for the transition on my server box?

  • Make sure I’ve got my order for a copy of Leopard in πŸ™‚
  • Backup everything
  • Try to see if I can get fink working on Leopard (dev box) before I do the install
  • Check to see if postfix, clamav, amavisd, mysql, php, gallery2 and wordpress are all going to be happy under Leopard. Not to mention Retrospect and SuperDuper.
  • Wait for 10.5.1 πŸ™‚
  • Bite the bullet and do the install

Soon with shiny WordPress 2.3 goodness

So, I’ve converted to the latest wordpress 2.3. Basically this involved

  1. If you’re using Gallery2, you may need to upgrade that to a more recent version so that your WPG2 plugin is compatible with it. Grab the latest version of the WPG2 plugin while you’re there (note that I haven’t got it working properly again yet πŸ™‚
  2. Backup the MySQL database  mysqldump -umysqlusername -p --opt wordpress > wordpressackupfilename.sql. Or using the WordPress Export or Backup plugin. Check the backup in a text editor πŸ™‚
  3. Backup the WordPress installation (cd /Library/WebServer/Documents; mv blogname blognamebackup). Paranoia is a wonderful thing πŸ™‚
  4. Upgrade WordPress by doing a subversion checkout (it’s much nicer to upgrade with subversion) svn sw http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/2.3/
  5. If subversion complained about it, move wp-content/themes/classic/functions.php out of the way  and then do the subversion checkout again to get the new version.
  6. Go to the WordPress plugins page. WordPress 2.3 lists outdated plugins on the plugins page. I had to download and replace widgets, akismet, google-sitemap-generator, and wpg2.
  7. Turn off Jerome’s Keywords and Ultimate Tag Warrior if you’re using them.
  8. Bizarrely I got the “Call to undefined function the_post_keytags()” from the index.php file in my default WordPress theme. I guess I’d altered it to include that call. I just edited it out from the index.php file.
  9. Go to Manage -> Import to import your tags from Jerome’s Keywords and/or Ultimate Tag Warrior
  10. Hopefully that’s it! You may need to turn off some other plugins (probably best to turn them all off then turn them back on selectively.

Write some posts!
(Yes, I know this post’s formatting is borked, I’ll fix it when I’ve upgraded this blog to 2.3 which will probably be when I’ve used it for a few more days and got comfortable with any more surprises)

Fixing fulltext errors in autometa plugin for WordPress

So if you’ve got the autometa plugin installed in your WordPress installation, and you’re getting error messages like:

WordPress database error: [Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list]
SELECT MATCH(post_content, post_title) against ('installation') as score FROM wp_posts where id=59;

whenever one of your posts autosaves, you need to execute the following sql command on your database, either via mysql on the commandline or by using phpMyAdmin or CocoaMySQL

alter table wp_posts add fulltext autometa (post_content, post_title)

At least I assume it’s the autometa plugin, as that’s the file that shows up when I grep around a bit for fulltext.