iTablet iPhone iThingy roundup

Aside from the usual random speculation about Steve Jobs worldchanging release in a few hours time, there have been a few interesting articles recently, namely

I also wonder what the cool feature will be… Mesh networking? Biofeedback? Merging with other nearby devices to form a larger device? Inbuilt projector?
It will also be interesting to see if Apple launches any updates to their 17 inch MacBook Pro as they would probably always have done if they were attending MacWorld this year. Also, I predict an iPhone software update, an iTunes update and a Mac OS X update.
Now, lets sit back and see how wrong we all are…

The Newton Boomerang?

Apple Insider are heralding Apple’s rumoured PDA to be the “Return of the Newton”

I guess the iPhone and iPod Touch make it fairly obvious that the hardware is now small enough, now hopefully the hotsyncing will be faster and more reliable than the Newton’s (and nowadays, the Palm’s long in the tooth PowerPC-only HotSync tools). I’m guessing it will be significantly different to the Newton on the grounds that Steve won’t want to remind people of what projects he has previously axed.