New 17 inch MacBook Pros soon?

With Intel’s new processor announcements slated for the International Solid-State Circuits Conference starting February 7th, it would seem that it’s about time for Apple to release a new top of the line MacBook Pro as the announcements usually seem to coincide (and it also coincides with MacWorldl Expo. The MacBook Pro is 242 days since the last release, somewhat over the average of 200 days.

17 inch Unibody MacBook Pro now shipping in 5-7 days

As of last Friday apparently the Australian Apple Store is now listing the 17 inch Unibody MacBook Pro as shipping within 5-7 days.

A reminder also that students, teachers and educational professionals are also able to get $176 rebate if they purchase an iPod with an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Apple wins PC Authority Reliability and Service for Best PC and Best Laptop

Apple has won the Best PC, Best Laptop and LCD Displays categories of PC Authority magazine’s 2008 Reliability and Service Awards. No sign of the iPhone though, which went to Asus with Blackberry as a runner up.

MacBook Air SSD drive comparison

The folks over at StorageMojo have a battery life comparison of MacBook Airs with hard drives and SSD drives. Also a comparison of MacBook Pros with and without SSD drives.

Anybody with a MacBook Air with SSD care to comment if they’ve got a /.hotfiles.btree file on their machine? This would possibly indicate that Mac OS X is still shuffling around their file system to optimise file access as if it was on a hard drive.