iPad built to have a camera

The folks over at Mission:Repair have noticed that their repair parts for the iPad have an existing hole in the metal frame that fits pretty much exactly the same camera unit as in the MacBook. The question is if it’ll be in there before the iPads are released, or if they were planning it to be in the next version (using the same frame), in which case will the revelation cannibalise sales of the current version (although many people have already said they’ll wait for version 2 at least anyway)?

AUC announces innovation seeding grants

The Apple University Consortium has announced innovation Seeding Grants, primarily aimed at students. Participants are provided with a mentor, equipment and resources to complete the project and must share progress via a blog with the ultimate outcome being licensed via open source, creative commons or similar licensing.

Exceedingly cool

I was looking for the little green light that tells you you’re “on air” on the new MacBook Pro’s inbuilt iSight camera. Whilst the MacBooks and iMacs have a little black spot for the LED there’s no such LED obvious on the MacBook Pros. So I fire up iChat and sure enough, a green spot appears, apparently through the aluminium.. Sure enough, turn off the camera and there’s no sign of the LED at all, just brushed aluminium. There are photos on Nobilog. Insanely great engineering.

Mac LoJack

It started with this script to use the Mac’s inbuilt camera to grab an image when an incorrect password was used during login (presumably because someone’s stolen your Mac). But that was a bit hard for most people to install, so now there’s MacLoJack which does that, and more. Includes code for the server so you can run your own for your Mac to dial home to.

iSight programming guide

Today I stumbled across Apple’s iSight Programming guide, which has some interesting tidbits about the standalone external iSight camera (such as, it has a microphone at front and back whose signals are combined inside the Mac using “beam forming” to produce a single audio signal, and sends either audio or video packets (or neither, but not both) during each 1/8000s Firewire cycle).