iPad aftermath

TidBITS has a nice photo tour of the iPad launch, including pics of Xeni Jardin, Stephen Fry and some John Gruber amongst other Mac luminaries.

Daring Fireball and Stephen note that the iPad web page rendering is much faster than on the iPhone, presumably due to the A4 processor. I just want to know if it supports more than 8 pages open (which is the limit in the iPhone version of Safari).

Check out the above Stephen Fry link for his most excellent take on the iPad launch, including such gems as:

I’m not advocating dumb gullibility, but it is has always amused me that those who instinctively dislike Apple for being apparently cool, trendy, design fixated and so on are the ones who are actually so damned cool and so damned sensitive to stylistic nuance that they can’t bear to celebrate or recognise obvious class, beauty and desire. The fact is that Apple users like me are the uncoolest people on earth: we salivate, dribble, coo, sigh, grin and bubble with delight.

iPhoto ’09 hints at iPhone, iPod Touch geotracking capability?

TidBITs reports on some unused dialogue boxes in iPhoto ’09 that seem to indicate future iPhone (and even iPod Touch) revisions might enable GPS tracking to keep a log of your route information. The dialogues include the text

Activate the location application on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Once selected, any available location information will be transferred to your iPhoto library and associated with the photos in the selected event(s).


Select an iPhone or iPod Touch from your list of named devices. Once selected, the appropriate information will be transferred to your iPhoto library and associated with the photos in the selected event(s).

Apple Announces new iPhone, iPod Touch Applications

For the iPhone a free upgrade gives:

  • Maps with location (based on nearby WiFi base stations)
  • Webclips (Up to 9 web bookmarks on your phone’s home screen)
  • Customised home screens
  • SMS multiple people
  • Chapter and language options in iPod mode, plus Lyrics

For the iPod Touch, a $20 upgrade gives: Mail, Stocks, Notes, Weather and Maps 

Google Mac downloads

I discovered that Google’s Mac download page offers:

iPhone coverage

Personally I think it’s interesting that Apple Developer Connection is plugging its Dashcode beta now. Perhaps Dashcode widgets will run on the iPhone?

MacWorld 2007 keynote coverage

It looks like at least one place you can go to for live MacWord 2007 keynote coverage is http://www.macrumorslive.com/.

Now only some 2 hours away (that’s 2am for me 🙂

Rumoured announcements include

  • iLife 07, complete with spreadsheet
  • Mac Pros with quad core Intel Xeon processors (conveniently announced by Intel earlier this week 🙂
  • More details about Leopard (rumours currently include more geotagging support for integrating positional information into the OS, like AddressBook, etc. This would be very cool. Then perhaps Macs with inbuilt GPS support?)
  • A release of Leopard (just to annoy Bill)
  • iPhones
  • More on the iTV
  • Displays (32″? Projectors? e-ink?)

Today’s downloads

GPS your photos

Got a GPS and a digital camera? You can use GPSPhotoLinker to write the location information from the GPS into the EXIF data of the photo.

You can then drop the location-enabled photos onto MapThePhoto and it will open the location in your web browser using topozone, TerraServer, Google maps or something else.

You can also use the iViewMediaPro template to create a slideshow that also displays a map of where the photo was taken.