Back from the void

So, having finally decided to resurrect the blog, I discovered that I didn’t in fact have a backup of my own blog.

Checking my backups showed I seemed to have backups of everyone else’s blog I’m responsible for, but not my own!

Eventually after trying several hard drives I tracked down a disk image, in which was a mysql file, in which the data lurked (I’d ported the blog to wordpress multisite at one stage, so all the data was in the multisite table format, whereas I’ve now decided I’d like each blog separate. So a quick MySQLdump, some munging of sql in BBEdit and a reimport via PHPMyAdmin and the site was basically restored. Then a bit of an upgrade to WordPress 4.0 and here we are! Some formatting oddities are still being sorted out, as you may be able to tell 🙂

Even though I haven’t been blogging, I have been taking notes, so hopefully there’s still some good stuff to share with you all, assuming you’re not all over on facebook by now!