iTunes 9.1 supports books

In line with the imminent arrival of iPads in the sweaty hands of their anxious new owners, Apple has released version 9.1 of iTunes, which offers support for Books. Audio books are apparently classed as books. Not sure how it works for those of us outside the reach of the iBooks store either.

Download iTunes 9.1 here.

via Macintouch

Apple hiring staff for its new iDataCenter

(Or, if you’re in the rest of the world, iDataCentre)

According to Data Center Knowledge, Apple are hiring for Chief Operating Engineer, Site Coordinator, Site Services Manager, Electrical Technician, Maintenance Technician and Operations Shift Supervisor for their data centre in Maiden, North Carolina.

With thanks to David for the link.

Now Software closes its doors

TidBITs reports that Now Software has closed down. Now-Up-To-Date was once the ruling calendaring application for Macs.

Sadly in later years it got known as “Now-Up-Too-Late”, usually by support staff who were trying to fix what had gone wrong for their concierge level customers who were sharing their calendars with their personal assistants.

At least in our shop the transition was thence to PeopleCube’s Meeting Maker, and now to the evil Entourage (which still doesn’t sync shared events properly with iCal for some reason, no handle shared calendars properly, despite Snow Leopard’s claimed compatibility).

Checking for idleness from the commandline

I was looking for some way to tell if a remote machine was idle from the commandline and I stumbled across this snippet on Mac OS X Hints.

ioreg -c IOHIDSystem | awk ‘/HIDIdleTime/ {print $NF/1000000000; exit}’

returns a time in seconds and fractions thereof, ie 4.00711

Will the iPad crush AT&T’s network?

Given the difficulties AT&T’s network had coping with the traffic generated by the iPhone, I wonder if it will be able to keep up with the iPad (even after they announced the revamping of their infrastructure)? After all, Google Maps is going to have to draw a lot more tiles to show your copilot the directions as you drive along. Image sizes will be bigger, and so too will App sizes. Anyone know what size the icons are on the iPad?