Apple censoring iTunes music store metadata

It seems that Apple have gone through and placed asterisks in some ‘offensive’ words (like w*g, a*s, but not apparently nigger) .The ABC’s “Spicks and Specks” is now apparently “Sp***s and Specks”. Including, in the case of Futurama, the name of the robot “Bender” (because it encourages irresponsible drinking?). Report on

Bender censored to B****r in the iTunes store
Bender censored to B****r in the iTunes store

Maybe they’re worried that under Australia’s censored internet nobody will be able to buy iTunes?

Note of course that Apple are still happy for you to pay them money to purchase items that are too dangerous for you to see the name of.

Free Mac First Person Shooters

From the Wikipedia entry via Slashdot discussion:

MacWorld 2009

So, to kick off 2009 most interestingly to me we have

  • 17 inch unibody MacBook Pros with optional glossy screens (for an extra US$50), with a built-in (ie non-removable) 8-hour battery that apparently lasts 1000 cycles before dropping to 80% capacity (as opposed to some 300 or so for existing laptop batteries
  • iPhoto ’09 with face detection and recognition (used for both creating albums of people and ensuring the slideshow doesn’t crop out faces), geotagging, Google Maps and support for uploading to MobileMe, flickr and FaceBook (including tagging people with their FaceBook info). Also themed slideshows and maps in printed books. I hope FaceBook are ready for the onslaught 🙂
  • Dropping of iTunes DRM, with your existing songs ‘upgradable’ to DRM free for US$0.30 each as they become available
  • “Learn to play” music instruction for guitar and piano in GarageBand

BTW, has anyone else noticed the spoonerism that gives you Schil Philler?