iTunes uses DisplayPort’s digital restrictions management

ArsTechnica reports that DisplayPort uses DPCP (the DisplayPort version of the evil HDCP) on iTunes purchased content. So if you want to watch that movie you bought off the iTunes store on an external display such as a projector or your 30 inch cinema display, you may not be able to, if you have any non-conforming display connected. Instead you see a dialogue proclaiming:

This movie cannot be played because a display that is not authorized to play protected movies is connected. Try disconnecting any displays that are not HDCP authorized

via MWJ

So one has to think this is likely to increase the probability that rather than downloading it from iTunes people will download the pirated torrent instead.

MDJ reveals Safari 3.2 sends URL hashes to Google

The latest edition of Mac Daily Journal (1st page as PDF here) reveals that Safari 3.2’s anti-phishing technology relies on downloading a database of prefixes of URL hashes from Google to check against your current URL, using the Safe Browsing 2.1 protocol. If the match is positive then a full URL hash is requested from Google.

Not that Apple mentions this anywhere, nor has stated a related privacy policy about what Safari sends to whom.

iPhone more popular than RAZR, God

The L.A. Times reports that the iPhone is outselling the Motorola RAZR in the US’s third quarter of the year. RIM’s Blackberry is currently placing third.

Meanwhile CNET reports the iPhone is now the second most popular smartphone (and OS) at 6.9 million units after Nokia (with Symbian) on 39.9 million units shipped. RIM’s Blackberry is currently placing third there too 🙂

HFSDebug 4.0 released

The ultimate Mac OS X hacker, Amit Singh (last I heard, snapped up by Google) has released a new version of his HFSDebug tool (that’s a commandline tool folks :).
The new version has more features to do with hard links and hard link chains, new filters, component-wise path lookup from scratch, and is now Snow Leopard compatible (even if it is still only a PPC binary running under Rosetta 🙂
via MWJ