iPhone dropped calls – it’s not you, it’s everyone

Roughlydrafted reports that iPhone dropped calls are due to firmware versions prior to 2.0.2 requiring too much transmit power from the cell. So it isn’t necessarily fixed when you upgrade your phone, the situation improves as everyone else on the cell upgrades as well!

For the technically inclined a commenter linked to this blog on “Power control in UMTS”

Apple Knowledge base changes

Apple released a list of 205 Knowledge base changes this week:

Mac recipe software: MacGourmet now MacGourmet Deluxe

Advenio’s MacGourmet has now joined the Mariner Software stable and is now repackaged as MacGourmet Deluxe, incorporating the plugins (Meal planning, recipe book printing, nutritional calculations) that were previously available separately.

MacGourmet Deluxe is 44% off (only US$24.95) on MacUpdate Promo for the next 13 hours and 48 minutes or so.

We use MacGourmet to track our recipes and quite like it. The upgrade to Pro is US$24.95 for existing MacGourmet users.