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Apple to pay for sparking power adapters

The LA Times reports that as a result of a class action suit filed in 2006 Apple will pay US$25 to US$79 to customers who bought a power adaptor to replace a faulty one. This affects adaptors for PowerBooks and iBooks. Presumably some variant of the refund will be available in Australia, without having to ship the things to the US by the suitcase-full 🙂


If you want to use your Nintendo Wii remote (Wiimote) with your Mac (via Bluetooth) (perhaps because you liked Tony Stark’s movie UI and a Wii is a cheaper way to get accelerometer gear 🙂 check out

For the more programmatically inclined there’s

Installing clamav-0.93 on Mac OS X

If you’ve got the latest Apple Developer tools installed, you’ll notice that attempting to ./configure the clamav-0.93 package doesn’t work because of a gcc compiler bug. The way I found around this is to “fink install gcc43”, then retry the configure command after having set the CC to be /sw/bin/gcc-4 and then you can make and make install as per usual.