WWDC earlybird registration extended to May 9th

If you haven’t registered for WWDC, early bird registration (save $300) has been extended until May 9th. Possibly as a sign they haven’t got enough people registered as going to WWDC yet? Always nice if they can announce record attendance figures 🙂

3 thoughts on “WWDC earlybird registration extended to May 9th”

  1. In they pre-Mac OS X days they it always seemed like they tried do a roundup once they realised they weren’t going to have enough bodies. I guess these days they’re drowning in wannabee iPhone developers, but it’s still US$1295 just to get in the door, which might discourage many of them. They do seem to do it on a regular basis, the question is, why?

  2. I suspect the main reason is hype. Every little mention of WWDC builds buzz, our own discussion here included 😉

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