WordPress 2.5 incompatible with WPG2 Gallery2 3.02 plugin

Having upgraded one of my blogs to WordPress 2.5, I’ve discovered that if you’re relying on the WPG2 Gallery2 plugin you’ll probably want to wait until it’s updated, because the plugin is incompatible with WordPress 2.5. I’ve also had to disable the Advanced Admin Menus plugin as it seemed to hide all the menus.

Apple Java job

From Apple’s java mailing list: 


We are looking for a talented, passionate and motivated engineer to join the Java team.  Java expertise, of course, is important, but C and Objective-C (Cocoa) are also essential since you will be working on the frameworks underneath AWT and Swing.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please do apply.  This is an opportunity to have a serious impact on the Mac OS X Java implementation, and start a career at Apple.You can find out more by clicking this link, or by searching apple.com/jobs for Requisition ID 3489430. 


AUC announces 2008 Honours Scholarship winners

The Australian Apple University Consortium has announced the 2008 AUC Honours Scholarship recipients who will receive AU$4000 during their honours year. The UWA winner will leveraging FSEvent notifications 🙂