EMC Ensignia reports on what’s happening with Retrospect

According to an EMC spokesperson the new beta version of Retrospect due later this year will feature

  • a totally new codebase (with new bugs no doubt!),
  • Universal Binary
  • New OS X interface (iTunes like, no doubt 🙂
  • Multiple backups running at the same time
  • New disk backup sets
  • Disk grooming (previously only available in the Windows version)
  • Fast Catalog rebuild
  • New Calendar interface for scheduling backups
  • New E-mail Notification system
  • New Reporting system
  • Widget to view backup progress
  • Remote management console for multiple servers
  • Support for Windows backups of applications like Exchange and SQL
  • New Universal Client
  • Much better performance and memory management
  • Supports old backup set formats
  • AES Encryption

And more! 

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