Export Outlook .pst files to Mac Thunderbird

So, to export files from Outlook’s .pst format to Thunderbird on the Mac, you can

  1. Buy a copy of emailchemy
  2. Run emailchemy on the .pst file
  3. Extract the resulting file from the folder hierarchy created by emailchemy
  4. Quit Thunderbird if you haven’t already
  5. Copy the file generated by emailchemy (it’s just a text file containing multiple e-mail messages) into /Users/yourusername/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/blah.default/Mail/Local folders/

Numbers about Numbers

In what could be read as a bit of a dig at Excel, Apple publishes a technote containing a comparison between the number of populated cells in a Numbers spreadsheet file and the number of populated cells in an Excel file for the same amount of memory (hint, for > 1Gb of memory, Numbers can handle 1.5 million or more, Excel can handle 300,647 or more. Not that that says much really.

Yes M’lady

If you’re a Eudora user cast into the world of Thunderbird you may wish to try the Penelope extension available from the Penelope page (eventually a Penelope build of Thunderbird will be available). Sadly it gives the Eudora Toolbar (which I never use and can’t seem to work out how to turn off), but it does give you the option key-click to gather messages by a particular column, which is probably my favourite Eudora feature ever.

My iTunes

Apple’s My iTunes widgets allow you to publish your iTunes information on your website. To get started, log into your iTunes account, Click the “Account” option in “Quick Links”, and then click “Enable My iTunes”, select the feeds and type of widget, and then grab the generated HTML code to paste into your web page. Bloggage here.