Back from X World 2007

Back home from X World 2007 in Sydney. Important things we learned:

  • Canadians got their own keyboard layout because they pointed out Australians have one (I suspect the hand of Quinn in there somewhere)
  • New Zealanders still don’t have their own keyboard layout
  • Somewhere out there is a school still using several hundred eMates. They rang Apple to ask where they could get replacement batteries (hint, you can use AA’s)
  • Canadian ice wine is yummy
  • Don’t expect many (unhungover) people to turn up to your presentation in the morning after the conference dinner
  • There are negative levels to the Capability Maturity Model
  • A Canadian, an Iranian and 13 Australians walked into a German restaurant…
  • Apple staff hate being asked about the iPhone 🙂
  • The AUC’s DevWorld is meant to be happening around easter time 2008

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