MacLojack support dropped in protest

Claiming that he was “swindled by Apple, Inc.” because his MacBook Pro only displays 6 bit colour (262K rather than millions as advertised), Jonathan Zdziarski has dropped support for MacLoJack.

More information about the screens is available on and has instructions on testing your machine (apparently mine is one of those affected). Not that I’d have noticed otherwise.

IPv6 v IPv4 in Java

It turns out that if your Java app is getting IPv6 addresses back from InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostAddress() you can use flags to the Java VM to control this behaviour

if you only want IPv4 addresses returned, or

if you need to test your code against IPv6 addresses. These flags are only valid when passed to the JVM when it’s started up (ie they can’t be changed once the App’s running).

Some of QuickTime 7.2’s other changes

mostly via the quicktime-java list.