NeoOffice, bringing BladeRunner to the desktop

I was looking at the NeoOffice “.odt” document icon today, and it includes a quote from BladeRunner:

NeoOffice bringing the power of to Mac OS X.

NeoOffice is distributed under the GNU General Public License. For more information contact the Free Software Foundation.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t belive. Attack s[hips on] fire off the shoulder [of Orion. I’ve ] watch C-Beams [glitter in the ] dark near the Tanh[auser gate].

All these moments [will be lost] in time like tears in [the rain].

Neooffice text document icon with Bladerunner quote
Neooffice text document icon with Bladerunner quote

One thought on “NeoOffice, bringing BladeRunner to the desktop”

  1. Hey excellent find, I just finished writing a paper on BR for one of my classes, and I actually remember this quote vividly!


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