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Those suffering the MacBook battery problem:

  • macbook no batteries available
  • macbook pro cross on battery icon
  • mac book pro battery cross
  • macbook no battery available cross
  • macbook battery cross
  • mac book pro no batteries available

Those wondering what “the usual lecture” is:

  • we trust you have received the usual lecture from the local system

Those with Intel Xserves:

  • intel xserve kernel errors
  • intel xserve fans loud

Those coming to terms with local changes:

  • daylight savings sucks

Those seeking enlightenment:

  • dalai lama commencement speech

Those hoping to spy on people (or stop being spied on): (Hint, it’s probably hardwired to the camera)

  • green light isight mac book no programs on
  • isight led off
  • turn off isight led
  • turn off led built in isight camera light
  • turning off isight led
  • isight disable green light
  • turning off green light on apple isight

Those who are looking in the wrong place:

  • friday the 13th gifs
  • what observation would help monitor a clown fish

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