Welcome to Osaka

In line with Apple not issuing a patch for Western Australia’s daylight saving changeover (Sun and Microsoft have both issued them) I’ve changed my machine(s) to be on the Osaka (Japan) timezone.
Seems to be working ok for the moment.

Meanwhile, there’s a proposed solution for replacing timezone info files here for those not afraid of the commandline.

Derek Yeoh-Ellerton (who took over my last job 🙂 has posted a suggested solution here for getting your machines to sync their time off an NTP server on which you control the time manually. Of course the NTP protocol states that the NTP server time is based on UTC, so this would technically be violating that protocol contract, but is probably a reasonable suggestion for those with lots of Macs to change over who aren’t sharing events with others outside their organisation.

I await tomorrow when I attempt to sync with our shared iCalendar. iCal has its own timezone information.

Sun has released Java patch information for Windows mentioned here in their bug database.

Presumably the files are the same as are in


but I haven’t tried updating them yet.

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