Commandline for erasing DVD-RW discs

I was trying to erase my DVD-RW disk in Disk Utility, and every time it had finished erasing it (either in Quick or normal mode), the disk would mount again with the same data visible.

A bit of poking around on the commandline revealed the optical disk cousin of hdiutil, namely drutil. So from the commandline you can do

drutil erase full

to erase a DVD-RW disk (I’d guess it works for CD-RW discs too). You then have to wait of course for it to blank all of the disk of course, but at least it’s actually erased so you can then re-burn it.

You could of course try

drutil erase quick


Also supported are

drutil bulkerase full

or quick for erasing lots of disks.

One thought on “Commandline for erasing DVD-RW discs”

  1. I’d like to use DRutil to erase a disk without ejecting it at end (keeping it in the drive instead). But I guess it’s not doable.

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