Giving up on multisite Gallery2

Looking for some way to put my photos up on the net, I chose Gallery2, as I’d used Gallery before, and Gallery2 actually uses a real database (yes, postgresql folks, I’m going to call MySQL a real database :), rather than some evil serialised php files on disk.
The installation process was relatively simple, however the problem was that after several attempts I could not get the Gallery2 multisite installation to actually work. Ideally this should mean (I believe) sharing the same Gallery2 source code between both sites and having separate databases and pictures folders (of course, would have been much nicer if I could just have one pictures folder and a database that pointed different sites at differently organised views of that folder, but I digress).

So eventually the installation was to use two separate Gallery2 installs, one for each site, and ignore the evil multisite option, then upload the photos using n

Sadly I suspect I could have written my own basic album software in the time it took to mess around with the more complex multisite Gallery2 configuration. Although then I’d also have to write the WordPress plugin.
I guess I could always check out CopperMine. Sadly I’d prefer the ‘direct from iPhoto’ approach of myPhoto, but I’ve never been able to get it to work for me.

Hopefully the pictures should be appearing in the sidebar now, so please give them a look.

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