Replacement PowerBook, MacBook Batteries Now Available

Dropped into the on campus Apple Reseller on Friday as my replacement battery was available. Of course it had arrived during the week I’d had off! Certainly much nicer being able to use the computer on the couch without having to turn it off, move it to the couch, plug it in and start it up again. There were a big pile of replacement batteries behind the desk, so I suspect they’re now coming in for everyone. I also checked the new battery against the recall site just in case, but fortunately it doesn’t need replacement again 🙂

iTunes Store Australia celebrates 1 year anniversary

To celebrate its first birthday, iTunes’ Australian Store is giving away 6 free tracks, including a copy of Bryce Courtenay’s “The Power Of One”.

Other tracks:

  • Holly Throsby – Only a Rake
  • Celebrity Drug Disasters – Getting Better
  • The Hiptones – I’ve been Loving You Too Long
  • Tyree – Ladies and Gentlemen
  • The Follow – Christian Girl


So, having installed the 10.4.8 update, and yet not rebooted, I decided to reboot my server, as it was no longer responding to ssh connections.
Of course, this was at 3am, and the server proceeded to spin its wheel on the startup screen and not come back to the login window. Holding down command-V to do a verbose boot revealed that the console was getting

launchd: getty repeating too quickly on port /dev/console, sleeping
launchd: /System/Lbirary/CoreServices/ port /dev/console exited abnormally: Trace/BPT trap

Fortunately I had a backup drive with a slightly outdated copy of the server’s boot drive. So rebooting off that got the mail server back. Fortunately the old drive was still readable even if booting was failing, and thus I could copy all the old data files off it, and restore the mysql files and the WordPress installs. Unfortunately the backup drive was too small to copy the gallery back onto it, so a symlink and some permission changes and almost everything was back up.

Livejournal feeds got confused of course and dumped some old articles to the feed. Oops. But otherwise pretty much everything was back up.

I’ll probably try re-installing 10.4.8 on the drive and see if that fixes things.