Why Flock is cooler than Safari

Firstly, a disclaimer, I have a friend who works on Flock.

Reasons why Flock’s cooler than Safari

  • Integration with flickr and photobucket, drag your photos in to upload them. Add your friends’ albums to Flock and get notified when any of them upload new photos (Really it should probably autodetect who your friends are from your list of friends already on flickr). Although with lots of scrolling through the photobar at the top of the window I almost began to feel motion sick 🙁
  • Based on Firefox. Some Firefox plugins work (like the one to save your tabs between browsing sessions).
  • The WordPress editing bar works when you’re writing posts on the “Write Post” page (it doesn’t appear in Safari for me).
  • “Blog this” option that brings up an HTML editor complete with ‘Publish’ button to post to your blog. The editor is automatically populated with a link to the page you were viewing. Multiple blogs are supported (WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Drupal and Blogger, or blogs using the Movable Type, MetaWeblog, Blogger or Atom APIs)
  • A scrapbook that records text clippings. You can drag these out of the scrapbook bar at the bottom of the screen, or command-click on the clippings to open the “blog this” editor.
  • Also has RSS Feed subscriptions

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