Apple reinvents TV with iTV

So, want to watch a show on TV, but there’s nothing on? In 2007 Apple’s iTV device will allow you to view TV you buy from the iTunes Store.

I guess the questions are: Does it need a Mac or a PC? I suspect it needs a machine configure it, got to enter your iTunes Store ID or credit card number somehow.

Does it have a hard drive? I guess the question is really can it do progressive start HD H.264 movies over a standard ADSL connection for 2 hours or so without dropouts? Or do you download to your local machines’ copy of iTunes then push it to the iTV like you send music to an Airport Express’ speakers? This seems perhaps more realistic. Then they can sell you a Mac as well.

Does it have a tuner? No. I guess it’s really an iTunes Store accessory 🙂

Will be interesting to see how the Cable and media companies react to this. It will bring video on demand to the masses, without requiring the technical knowledge of BitTorrent, with legality, and without the halfheartedness of previous attempts by media and other industry players.

Of course if it takes 30 minutes to download a movie, that’s a problem, but mostly people will probably be watching series, and iTunes can probably handle something like a season pass without much sweat (although do you pay per season in advance or per show? Being from Australia I’m not sure what the current state of play is with series purchases on the iTunes store).

Really, Apple stands to be the world’s biggest TV channel. Anywhere there’s an iTunes Store, there’s access. Apple also makes the publishing side of things with Final Cut and iMovie etc. Not many people have portable TV’s they carry everywhere, but lots have video iPods.

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