PowerBook battery exchange program confusion

So I went to Apple’s Battery Exchange Program web site and entered my PowerBook’s serial number, and its battery serial number. Then, after it said they were both covered by the recall, I printed out the web page (twice, so I had a copy of my battery’s serial number).

I then e-mailed my local on-campus Apple reseller. I got back two responses, one saying I needed to fill out the form and bring it in with my battery, the other indicating that they were still waiting to hear back from Apple about what to do.

I then took my battery in and dropped it off with the printout. They wanted me to write my contact details on the printout. I then asked for a receipt (after all, the batteries cost AU$100+), and they then made me fill out a service submission form for the battery.

I’m hoping they streamline the procedure by the time everyone else brings their batteries back for replacement.

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