Present friends…

So, last Thursday it was off to dinner with [info]syncretin and [info]vyvyansb and others of their acquaintance at Tsunami. There was the usual moment of “Oh, that’s right, this is Perth, of course you know each other”.

Vyvyansb had organised for an omakase dinner, and we were at the mercy of the chef (and Brett, who was keen to reward/experiment with us by trying out new stuff). Needless to say, we were well rewarded.

The taste of the (Tasmanian) wasabi (freshly grated at our table!) has a vague reminiscence of the stuff in the tube, but has an amazingly subtle difference in flavour. Like the difference between instant coffee and the real thing.

I loved the stuffed mushrooms too. Grown in a WWII bunker in Bridgetown(?).

Meanwhile, after my traditional Caipiranha (lots of lime, ice, Brazilian rum and some brown sugar), wine flowed like water. As did conversation, as everyone caught up and Vyvyansb regaled everyone with tales from the office. With some MacGeekery thrown in for good measure.