Sydney, Day 2

Feeling much more human after a shower and a night’s sleep, it’s off to navigate my way to UTS. Fortunately it’s pretty easy, and I manage to dodge the 4 people trying to hand out copies of The Watchtower at the entrance to the underpass. Then there are the beggars to contend with… The fact that the NSW Govt. decided to let their mentally ill patients wander the streets springs to mind. Well, at least until the police get around to shooting them, that is.The Tiger Tech Tour continues. It’s an Apple do, they know what they’re doing, there’s coffee on the table when I arrive. The guy who took over my job when I left Arts is busily stitching the 25 QuickTime VR panoramas he’s taken during the trip. I’m astounded, it’s a pretty dedicated hobby to go through 25 panos times about 18 photos or so and stitch them all.Lunch thanks to Apple, I have a bit of a chat with Tess Williams, who’s done an excellent job of organising the briefing. It has the air of WWDC, but on a lot smaller budget, and with fewer Americans. Lunch is followed by more briefings and some cool demos of what can be done with Tiger.After thanks and the wrapup I say goodbyes to those I’m probably not going to see in the near future.Then it’s off to track down Allie, who is busy with the business of selling gas to industry. Pack too little into the pipe and they have to slow down or stop big industrial processes (some of which are chemical reactions that can’t be stopped). Pack too much into the pipe and it’s wasted. If the customers get panicky they try to draw too much out of the pipe and disrupt other subscribers. Of course, getting it wrong can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.I walk down to her office and we catch the bus out to her place.She opens a bottle of vino and we have a bit of a chat about life. Her kid’s going to school in Perth and is sorely missed.After about a bottle or so her friend David Chan turns up and we discuss Perth gossip, mainly about the somewhat intertangled relationships of UWA ex-Computer Science students and staff over the ages…Then hunger has reared its ugly head and it’s time to grab a cab off to the Forum and hang out in the Piazza in Leichardt (I can spell that, CS’s laptops used to be named after famous Australian explorers. The rest of their machines were named after spiders like lactodectus and tetragnatha. This was becaus the Mac users never had to type the machine names, unlike the PC and Unix users who had to be able to spell everything at the commandline).The piazza was very cool, there were obviously a lot of people still out enjoying themselves over a late meal. Really, finishing up around midnight actually felt rushed.. The chicken with prosciutto was excellent. As was the simple but exceedingly tasty pizza.After polishing off more wine it’s a quick walk around whichever shops are still open (sadly the cake shop we’d had our eye on wasn’t one of them), but around the corner was a café where I took solace in some pecan pie.We took a cab back to Allie’s place, said goodbye to David and I crashed in her spare room for the night.