Penny Arcade covers WWDC10

Penny Arcade’s take on Steve Jobs’ iPhone 4 demo failure at the WWDC 2010 keynote. Still not sure why Steve didn’t use a cable for the networking, given that the demo phones had cables to do the display anyway. I guess it distracted from his fireside chat on the edge of the stage.
Dividing the 20 or so available channels by the 570 base stations probably wasn’t going to work particularly well regardless of what hardware was in use, it was an ‘extreme networking event’. But a great time to test your app to see how it goes in times of network weirdness 🙂

Steve Jobs still not dead. Again.

Apple’s share price took a 3% dive today after someone posted a bogus report of Steve Jobs suffering a “major heart attack” on the CNN ‘citizen journalist’ iReport site. (“Unedited. Unfiltered”, Untrue!) Anyone else notice similarities between Steve’s purported ECG and the Apple stock price?

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