Cocoa Developer Job at Skype

Looking for an experienced Cocoa developer to join our Mac and iPhone
development team. You will be working on the Mac and/or iPhone
versions of Skype. Ideal candidate should be very familiar with
application design, user interface implementation and have a strong
understanding of Objective-C and Cocoa. Candidate should have
demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities. Must be
self-motivated and able to work well in a team environment.

Pre-requisite Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

* 5 years of professional software development experience.
* Proven track record of delivering complex application software.
* World-class skills in Objective-C and Cocoa.
* Should have a strong knowledge of multithreaded programming,
asynchronous and event driven application design.
* Should be well disciplined in the application development processes
of requirements analysis, functional spec development, prototyping,
implementation, testing, documentation and maintenance.


* Goal-oriented.
* Fast and effective.
* Respectful and honest.
* Early adopter of new technologies.
* Positive attitude toward working in an environment of frequently
changing requirements.

Location: Tallinn (Estonia), Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK), so this
position is based in Europe.

If you’re interested or know someone that might be, email
jobs at (Ref: COCOA-DEV-EE) or contact me via Skype, username

Best regards,
Janno Teelem