NSW Computer Crime Unit expert recommends not using Windows for internet banking

Computer expert Detective Inspector Bruce vad der Graaf from the Computer Crime Investigation Unit told NSW MPs to boot Linux off CD or use an iPhone for internet banking rather than using Windows. Interestingly he quotes the iPhone’s single-application-at-a-time as a plus, on the grounds it can’t be running any other dodgy applications at the same time as you’re banking (although I’m sure someone smart enough could probably get around those restrictions using some unofficial APIs…, given that the phone still runs Apple’s tasks at the same time as 3rd party apps).

iPhones will dumb down passwords

After typing various secure passwords into an iPod Touch (each change between numbers and letters requiring a switch of the virtual keyboard), I’d become convinced that people are likely to dumb down passwords they have to type into their iPhone. Want to buy an App? Password.
The phenomenon was noted over at 43 folders as well they also point out that the AppleTV conveniently highlights the characters on screen as you type them into iPhone Remote. Whilst this probably isn’t a problem in your living room it’s likely to pose a problem at trade show setups I’d guess.
Or perhaps use the accelerometers to unlock the iPhone keychain when you do the right interpretive dance?
Now if only they’d automatically reconnect to the VPN…

Using FireWire to hack your PC, Mac

A recent article on Slashdot about using FireWire’s direct memory access (DMA) capabilities to rewrite memory on a Windows box reminded me a lot of the 1st place winning 2002 MacHack hack “FireStarter” perpetrated by Quinn, which wrote a QuickTime movie of burning flames on the screen of any Mac you plug in via FireWire. As mentioned on TidBITS at the time.

Some of Quinn’s hacks are here.