MDJ reveals Safari 3.2 sends URL hashes to Google

The latest edition of Mac Daily Journal (1st page as PDF here) reveals that Safari 3.2’s anti-phishing technology relies on downloading a database of prefixes of URL hashes from Google to check against your current URL, using the Safe Browsing 2.1 protocol. If the match is positive then a full URL hash is requested from Google.

Not that Apple mentions this anywhere, nor has stated a related privacy policy about what Safari sends to whom.

Safari 3 examined

Ars Technica finds Safari 3 wanting, both from a UI and a security perspective.Joel (On Software) looks at Font smoothing, anti-aliasing and sub-pixel rendering across the Mac and Windows platforms.Also on the text rendering front, codinghorror. Personally, looking at it on the dodgy PC CRT monitor at work it definitely looks fuzzy all over (almost to the point of being unusable), although I haven’t yet tried the preferences to tone down the aliasing.

Safari 3 for Leopard, and Windows XP/Vista

Steve Jobs has announced during the WWDC 2007 keynote that Safari 3 will run on Leopard, and Windows XP/Vista. Faster than IE or Firefox (with iBench HTML test).Includes Google and Yahoo! search. Draggable tabs (including off into their own windows).500,000 downloads of Firefox a day. 1,000,000 downloads of iTunes a day. Over 500 million downloads of iTunes to Windows machines.Beta available from