Zoomfoot Mac port wanted

From the mac-dev-jobs list on 27th March:

Looking for an experienced OSX developer to build a native OSX versionof the ZoomFoot application (www.zoomfoot.com). ZoomFoot is a sharedphotograph screen saver and the project is sponsored by a verysuccessful Internet entrepreneur. We’re looking for more than simply acontract developer; we’re looking for a new team member to bringeverything we do in the years to come to world of Apple. This is anopportunity to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, not just writea new OSX client. 

Mail zoomfootguy a t gmail.com if you’re interested

Apple Java job

From Apple’s java mailing list: 


We are looking for a talented, passionate and motivated engineer to join the Java team.  Java expertise, of course, is important, but C and Objective-C (Cocoa) are also essential since you will be working on the frameworks underneath AWT and Swing.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please do apply.  This is an opportunity to have a serious impact on the Mac OS X Java implementation, and start a career at Apple.You can find out more by clicking this link, or by searching apple.com/jobs for Requisition ID 3489430. 


MacJob with small Microsoft team

For those who don’t mind being in Seattle, Washington (a nice place, aside from its proximity to the evil empire):

Are you ready to dive into a new technology that pushes the envelope to create new markets and products? Do you get stoked by the idea of working in a start-up atmosphere as part of a growing incubation team that bridges the gap between research and product?We are a small incubation team inside Microsoft creating innovative new content visualization technologies. We’re seeking a hardcore Mac developer to work on our graphically rich, highly performance-oriented platform. We’re looking for someone with broad knowledge of the Mac OS X platform (minimum 3 years experience) and at least a passing familiarity with Windows programming, who enjoys cross-platform development. Experience with OpenGL and mixed C++/Objective-C Cocoa projects is a must. Experience with 3D, real-time performance, threading, and networking is strongly preferred, but you would be expected to contribute to all levels of the Mac side of our engine and applications, so versatility is key. Job Post