500Gb 2.5inch drives from Fujitsu and Hitachi

Someone on Macintouch noticed that the Apple Developer Tech Note for the 17 inch MacBook Pro mentions a 500Gb 5400RPM configuration. Interestingly, Engadget notes both 500Gb Fujitsu and Hitachi drives, but notes they’re a non-standard form factor that’s an extra 3mm higher for a total of 12.5mm. The Developer Tech Note notes that the SuperDrive is 12.7mm high, so there’s probably a whole 0.2mm to play with 🙂 otherwise perhaps we need the MacBook Pro Fat? FatBook Pro? Currently the Apple Store only lets you bump the hard drive size up to 300Gb for an extra AU$110
[Edit – Ok, so Samsung have a 2.5″ 500Gb 9.5mm drive due out in March (ie now). Can we stop mixing imperial and metric now please?]