Novamind Mac Programming job in Queensland Australia

If you can work in Australia then Novamind have a job going in Queensland. From their site:

Want to work with the latest tools and a 30 inch screen?

Want to work for a company where innovation and software development is taken

Want flexible working hours and no silly dress code?

Want a career where what you achieve really matters?

Are you a clever problem solver with an enthusiastic and positive attitude?

Are you a self starter and still able to work in a team?

Can you get things done?

NovaMind is based in sunny Queensland, located in Shailer Park midway between
Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are currently expanding our product
development group to develop the worlds most advanced Mind Mapping software
for Apple and Microsoft systems.

We are looking for a software engineer who has a passion for creating innovative
high quality software using the latest tools and technologies. You must be a self
starter who loves solving problems in a logical self-disciplined manner. We are
looking for someone who will fit well with our development team and remain
courteous and friendly with both staff and customers at all times.

If this doesn’t describe who you are, your values and nature, please don’t apply for
this position.

We are looking for people with the following skills:

Essential skills:

  • Strong Objective-C skills
  • Strong AppKit development experience
  • Experience in meeting tight deadlines in a small development team
  • Experience with developing high quality software using object oriented methodologies
  • Experience interacting with customers on resolving defect reports

Other highly desirable skills:

  • CoreData skills
  • Applescript / automator development experience
  • Experience with developing frameworks
  • XML and XSLT programming skills
  • Experience with loadable bundles and plugin architectures
  • Rendezvous/bonjour development experience
  • Experience with distributed objects
  • Experience with internationalization
  • Knowledge and understanding of Mind Mapping
  • Knowledge and understanding of screenplay script writing
  • Experience using MacOS X 10.5 Leopard

Other desirable skills:

  • Experience with subversion
  • C# programming skills

The tasks required for the position will vary over time, but include:

  • Designing and building new releases of the Mac version of NovaMind.
  • Assistance with setting product direction and feature sets for the Mac and Windows versions of NovaMind.
  • Documentation of the software at code/program level
  • Testing of the software
  • Preparing releases of the software, including installation mechanisms
  • Assisting as required with technical support
  • Fixing defects in the software
  • Working with beta testers to resolve any pre-release bugs
  • Improving systems
  • Setting and meeting key performance indicators

Application E-mail address is available on their site, but please tell them you heard about it here.

New York City iPhone programmer job

In case anyone’s interested… posted on 2010-01-05

Our New York City client is a full-service agency for the digital age. They are looking for a full time, on-site, salaried Senior iPhone App Developer paying to $130,000 + benefits. Relocation assistance provided if required. US Citizens, Green Card holders, EAD or CAN only please.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess:

* 1+ years of experience with the UIKit framework
* 3+ years Mac development experience using Cocoa/Objective-C
* You should have at least one published iPhone app under your belt and some sort of portfolio or list of app/s to share
* C/C++ experience a plus
* Ability to develop against a variety of web architectures and services (HTTP, SOAP, REST, etc.)
* Knowledge of a scripting language a plus (Ruby, Perl, Python, BASH, etc)
* Experience managing projects in an SVN environment

TO APPLY: The absolute best way to apply for this job would be to not only submit your resume and/or portfolio or samples, but to elaborate on how your experience relates to the job description and submit your salary requirements to

Cocoa Developer Job at Skype

Looking for an experienced Cocoa developer to join our Mac and iPhone
development team. You will be working on the Mac and/or iPhone
versions of Skype. Ideal candidate should be very familiar with
application design, user interface implementation and have a strong
understanding of Objective-C and Cocoa. Candidate should have
demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities. Must be
self-motivated and able to work well in a team environment.

Pre-requisite Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

* 5 years of professional software development experience.
* Proven track record of delivering complex application software.
* World-class skills in Objective-C and Cocoa.
* Should have a strong knowledge of multithreaded programming,
asynchronous and event driven application design.
* Should be well disciplined in the application development processes
of requirements analysis, functional spec development, prototyping,
implementation, testing, documentation and maintenance.


* Goal-oriented.
* Fast and effective.
* Respectful and honest.
* Early adopter of new technologies.
* Positive attitude toward working in an environment of frequently
changing requirements.

Location: Tallinn (Estonia), Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK), so this
position is based in Europe.

If you’re interested or know someone that might be, email
jobs at (Ref: COCOA-DEV-EE) or contact me via Skype, username

Best regards,
Janno Teelem

Apple Java job

From Apple’s java mailing list: 


We are looking for a talented, passionate and motivated engineer to join the Java team.  Java expertise, of course, is important, but C and Objective-C (Cocoa) are also essential since you will be working on the frameworks underneath AWT and Swing.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please do apply.  This is an opportunity to have a serious impact on the Mac OS X Java implementation, and start a career at Apple.You can find out more by clicking this link, or by searching for Requisition ID 3489430. 


MacJobs with Sling Media

Via the MacDevJobs mailing list and the Sling Media job page

Sling Media, the makers of the Slingbox–a popular device that lets

you watch your TV remotely over the Internet–is seeking three more

experienced Mac developers to join our software team here at our

headquarters in Foster City, California, located between San Francisco

and the Silicon Valley.


[1] Req #176: Senior Engineer, MacOS X Client Application UI Developer


We’re looking for an experienced Mac OS X developer, someone who can

create a truly exceptional Cocoa UI for the Mac SlingPlayer.  We want

to enhance the user experience by including an integrated program

guide and the ability to record and upload video clips to share with

others, as well as other sharp ideas, including yours.


[2] Req #165: Senior Engineer, Web Services Client Integration


We want to extend the Mac SlingPlayer application to include all kinds

of web services, but keep the “out-of-browser” experience that native

applications do best.  That means WebKit.  And Javascript.  And the

Cocoa-Javascript bridge.  And SOAP.  And…well, join us and show how

an experienced web services client developer brings this all together.


[3] Req #139: Senior Engineer/Staff Engineer, MacOS X & Cross-Platform


The Mac and Windows versions of the SlingPlayer share a lot of key

technology, but need to share the code base more.  Join us in the

design of cross-platform interfaces to audio and video streaming,

Slingbox setup and configuration, and much more, and then use your

solid knowledge of MacOS X multimedia, networking, and related

frameworks to implement them.


We offer these positions with preference to candidates seeking

full-time or contract-to-hire on-site employment in Foster City, CA.

MacJob with small Microsoft team

For those who don’t mind being in Seattle, Washington (a nice place, aside from its proximity to the evil empire):

Are you ready to dive into a new technology that pushes the envelope to create new markets and products? Do you get stoked by the idea of working in a start-up atmosphere as part of a growing incubation team that bridges the gap between research and product?We are a small incubation team inside Microsoft creating innovative new content visualization technologies. We’re seeking a hardcore Mac developer to work on our graphically rich, highly performance-oriented platform. We’re looking for someone with broad knowledge of the Mac OS X platform (minimum 3 years experience) and at least a passing familiarity with Windows programming, who enjoys cross-platform development. Experience with OpenGL and mixed C++/Objective-C Cocoa projects is a must. Experience with 3D, real-time performance, threading, and networking is strongly preferred, but you would be expected to contribute to all levels of the Mac side of our engine and applications, so versatility is key. Job Post