WWDC 2011 queue – live, just

7:26am and I’d like a nap right about now. Also, fingers getting too cold to type

Just got an invite from ars technica and idea flight to a party tonight. Assuming I can stay awake until 7:30pm :/

7:37am and the line is moving!

Thankful I put my thermal top on this

7:51 and am on the penultimate corner

That was Urban Airship with the coffee

7:56 spotted Aaron Hilleglass and some puff girls

Now 6 abreast on the pavement. Sorry, sidewalk. Abandoned lawn chairs sighted from those who were queuing since 2pm yesterday

Although I can now see the wireless network, I can’t connect

Apple people are in green

8:10 and we’re in the building. Queue is wrapped once around the block. Media feeding frenzy out front.

Coffee and doughnut FTW. Legs defrosting, phone is still cold. Sitting down. Music is playing.

Wifi is on. Network monitoring screens and screen saying say “there is no such thing as free public wifi”

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