WWDC 2011 queue – live, just

7:26am and I’d like a nap right about now. Also, fingers getting too cold to type

Just got an invite from ars technica and idea flight to a party tonight. Assuming I can stay awake until 7:30pm :/

7:37am and the line is moving!

Thankful I put my thermal top on this

7:51 and am on the penultimate corner

That was Urban Airship with the coffee

7:56 spotted Aaron Hilleglass and some puff girls

Now 6 abreast on the pavement. Sorry, sidewalk. Abandoned lawn chairs sighted from those who were queuing since 2pm yesterday

Although I can now see the wireless network, I can’t connect

Apple people are in green

8:10 and we’re in the building. Queue is wrapped once around the block. Media feeding frenzy out front.

Coffee and doughnut FTW. Legs defrosting, phone is still cold. Sitting down. Music is playing.

Wifi is on. Network monitoring screens and screen saying say “there is no such thing as free public wifi”

WWDC 2011 queue – live and cold

6:49 full deck solitaire is beautiful

Have been keeping company since 5am with author of Rogue Touch, being a port of the classic Rogue.

Apple employees packing us in. It is at least warmer huddled together.

7:03am Akamai now hiring Truck drives past

7:15 Airship people handing out free coffee

Adcolony offering “videos for virtual currency monetization”

Now have a copy of MacTech, which is good as it has an article covering Capuccino and Objective-J which is pretty cool.

WWDC 2011 queue – live (still)

5:25 just realized I left the beanie I got from the company store in my room 🙁

5:53 wow, just moved quarter of a block!

6:07 and the Testflight truck just drove past playing “flight of the Valkyries”

6:12 Japanese guys playing some game that involves blowing into their phones.

6:19 and the queue is 1212 according to The Counting Guy

Testflight guys are handing out burritos from their truck to people with their t-shirts.

Guys from cloudmade.com handing out flyers for their location based ad network API.

WWDC 2011 queue – live

5 am and queue is more than halfway around the block. The guys at the corner have been here since 3:30 but there’s now a steady

Some guy just counted me as number 93. If so I could probably have slept in for another 3000 places or so…

This post brought to you by a very expensive Telstra roaming cellular data