A 24.6 cm tablet by the looks of it. Looks a lot like the lid of a MacBook Air. Onscreen keyboard. Looks like it has the iPhone’s home button.

10 hours battery life, 680g, 16-64Gb of storage. 1GHz CPU.

No GPS? No camera?

Existing iPhone apps can run in either native size or pixel doubled. New SDK for the iPad now available.

Oh look, an e-book reader, iBooks (how come we didn’t see that coming! 🙂 Looks like Delicious Library’s shelves.

iWork has been ported to the interface. Does this mean it has files? a Finder? iWork apps $9.99 each, can connect a projector with a cable.

US$499 entry point (A Kindle is US$259). 64Gb With 3G = US$829

Accessories: Keyboard dock, a nice case that can stand it up to watch movies.

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