Why I force quit BBEdit

BBEdit and I have a relationship that stretches back some 10 years at least (It still doesn’t suck).

I tend to open lots of new text documents in BBEdit to use as multiple scratchpads. These are titled ‘untitled 1’ through ‘untitled 85’ (currently). In recent versions BBEdit has introduced a scratchpad, but there’s only one scratchpad document, so you have to do all your scratchpadding in the same place, whereas multiple new documents provide some isolation if you’re doing full document search and replaces for example.

Somewhere along the way they added document persistence. So if what I’m working on kills the OS (or Safari beachballs it to death again) and the machine needs rebooting, when I relaunch BBEdit I get my documents back again. When you relaunch, the untitled documents are all there, still ready to be used. Occasionally I go through and close old ones I no longer need.

The problem is, when you quit BBEdit, it asks you to save the documents. And saving them means you have to name them all, and re-open them next time.

But not if you force quit it 🙂 Then they are recovered automatically on the next launch, and you don’t need to think up names for them.

Perhaps they just need to implement multiple scratchpads 🙂

[Edit: What they did add was “Sleep BBEdit” command, which saves the state and Quits. Yay!]

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