Apple censoring iPhone Apps that don’t use private APIs

So Landon Fuller wrote his own CoverFlow implementation for his iPhone App “Peeps”, and did such a good job of it that Apple refused to allow it on the iPhone store because they claimed it was accessing the Apple’s private CoverFlow APIs. I would have thought they had methods to check the executable code, rather than just looking at the app?

OpenSolaris 2008.11 includes “Time Slider”

Interestingly the latest version of OpenSolaris (2008.11) includes a feature called “Time Slider”, which allows you to drag a slider to get to an older version of the file system state. I’m not sure if this leverages ZFS’s features or if it’s just hard-linked. Comments on the Javalobby site by Roman Strobl indicate:

Btw I believe what we have in OpenSolaris is better than time machine because a) you don’t need to use an external disk, b) the snapshots are immediate and don’t consume extra space other than differences from your current disk contents c) you don’t have to activate the backups, they happen automatically. So you also get more granular access to history. This is the first version of the feature so we plan to improve it in the next release.

Westnet ripoff

So, I churned to TPG on 1st December, the actual connection was swapped sometime around noon.

Westnet charged me a full December usage. And you need to notify them to close the account (you’d think the fact you can’t connect to it would be sufficient…) Not that they’d answered any of my other e-mails anyway.

I guess the lesson is, make sure your cutover day is the last day of the month? Or does that just mean the new ISP charges you a full month for starting before the 1st of the next month?

Apple wins PC Authority Reliability and Service for Best PC and Best Laptop

Apple has won the Best PC, Best Laptop and LCD Displays categories of PC Authority magazine’s 2008 Reliability and Service Awards. No sign of the iPhone though, which went to Asus with Blackberry as a runner up.