Mac Christmas shopping

Everyone seems to be offering shareware bundles at the moment. MacUpdate Promo are offering

  • ForkLift
  • RapidWeaver
  • Swift Publisher
  • Marine Aquarium
  • Xslimmer
  • MemoryMiner
  • Yep
  • XMIND 2008 Pro (after 1000 sales)
  • iStabilize (after 2400 sales)
  • Pulpmotion (after 5000 sales)
  • Cost is US$49.99 (currently the total bundle value is US$234.80), only 5 days 11 hours left at the time of posting.

    Meanwhile MacSanta is offering 20% off various titles all day (after end of the day the discount drops back to 10%)

    Finally the disembodied heads at TidBITs mentioned the Give Good Food To Your Mac site, with products from European Mac developers and a tiered discount of 30% for 3 apps, 40% for 5 apps, 50% for 7 apps and 70% for 10 apps. Only 2 days 11 hours left on these deals though at the time of posting. Titles include Unity Indie, Tables, Pixelmator, Together, Feeded, FotoMagico Express, Art Text, Money, FreeWay 4 Pro, Freeway 4 Express, RapidWeaver, Merlin, Geophoto, Contactizer Express, Contactizer Pro, CSSEdit, PulpMotion, Video Pier, BannerZest, Cheetah3D, iStopMotion Home, Expert Wine Cellar, iDive, Morphage, Magnet, CoverScout, Personal Trader and Remote Buddy.

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